Artificial Hip Joint Implants System

  • TAICH Cement Stem
TAICH Cement Stem

TAICH Cement Stem

  • Material:Cocrmo
  • Size:9#-14#
  • Style:Stryker
  • Product description: Artificial Hip Replacement System TAICH Cement Stem manufacturered in China

◆ Double tapered straight stem design, this kind of cemented stem is the most optimal choice;

◆ 132-degree neck shaft angle is free to adjust the neck length and is more suitable to the anatomical structure than 135-degree neck shaft angle;

◆ Adjustable offset design meets the requirement of different patients

◆ The proximally clear implanting direction line is free to make sure the position of implanted prosthesis and ensure the thickness of bone cement ( at least 1.5mm);

◆Distal centralizer meets the concept of limited subsidence of the prosthesis;

◆Polished distal bullet tip reduces thigh pain after the prosthesis is implanted.

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