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How about choosing orthopedic devices from China? How is the price quality?

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more high-tech and improved products are used in orthopedic surgery. On the one hand, the success of orthopedic surgery requires the doctor's superb skills, and on the other hand, it requires more careful preparation for the surgery.

People say: The heart of the doctor is the heart of the parents. In the hospital, we can always see the broken patients, the blood and the bones, and the walls of the hospital listen to more prayers than the church. People want to restore their health, but due to the price of surgery and the orthopaedic instruments needed in the surgery, such as artificial joints, internal and external fixators, etc., it is an expense for patients.

If you want to choose the most suitable orthopaedic device for this type of patient, a coordination of quality and price is the focus of the selection.

Fractures are usually healed within 1-2 years after surgery. If bone non-union is found, the most important problem is comminuted fractures combined with other injuries, followed by improper treatment. Internal fixation with interlocking nails has become a better method for the treatment of long bone nonunion in recent years.

Sharpening knives does not cut wood by mistake, and chooses suitable intramedullary nails for patients for surgical fixation. Choosing Jiangsu Gather's intramedullary nails can not only maximize their own level, but also obtain the lowest ex-factory price and high product quality. , to reduce some unnecessary fees.

For the artificial joint part, selection is a key part of preparation before surgery. The choice of joint prosthesis directly affects the surgical effect. Unlike internal fixation or external fixation, artificial joints can be removed after one or two years. Artificial joints need to be used for life. If problems occur during this process, Surgical replacement is also required.

Therefore, the selection of artificial joints is equivalent to a lifetime event for patients. Requires careful selection by the doctor.

In the process of selection, there may be expensive or cheaper ones, but the most important thing is to evaluate whether the patient's general condition can be operated, and the possible problems of the operation, and then choose the most suitable artificial prosthesis for the patient.

For example, a woman unfortunately suffered a car accident and suffered serious damage to her hip joint. She had to go through a hip replacement. Many people would tell the patient to choose the best one from abroad, but this woman's family situation did not allow her. Pay for the purchase of artificial hip prostheses abroad. At this time, it is a strategy to choose domestic products.

In terms of quality, there is still a gap between foreign brands and Chinese-made artificial joints, but they are shrinking. Naturally, comparing the prices of artificial joints at home and abroad, the prices of Chinese products are still very suitable.

You can choose Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd if you want suitable orthopedic instruments with better quality and lower price. The quality is good and the price is fair! It is also an orthopedic manufacturing base in China, with dozens of mid-to-high-end manufacturers, covering all products required for orthopedic surgery such as CLASS I, CLASSII, CLASSIII orthopedic implants and instruments.

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