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Chinese intramedullary nail implant manufacturer: GATHER is committed to making high-quality and low-cost intramedullary nails available to people all over the world!

Speaking of intramedullary nail implants, every orthopedic surgeon must be familiar with it.

Intramedullary nails are commonly used orthopaedic internal fixation devices composed of intramedullary nail rods, proximal locking screw holes and other components.

As a type of internal fixation, intramedullary nails conform to line of force conduction and have many advantages over steel plates. The intramedullary nail is centrally fixed, while the steel plate is eccentrically fixed. The intramedullary nail allows early weight-bearing activities, and the intramedullary nail protects the integrity of the periosteum, promotes bone healing, and prevents infection.

Intramedullary nail implants are commonly used to treat various types of fractures and have a strong impetus for the rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients.

What are the common intramedullary nail implants?

Gamma Nails

humerus interlocking intramedullary nail

Tibial intramedullary nail

Proximal Femoral Intramedullary Nail


What is the material of the intramedullary nail implant?

Titanium alloys, orthopaedic internal fixation devices in medical devices.

Closed interlocking intramedullary nailing is the preferred method for the treatment of femoral shaft and cavity diaphysis fractures.

What is the purchase price of intramedullary nail implants?

For the purchase of intramedullary nail implants, you can choose Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co., Ltd. You can get the ex-factory price or the lowest price from it. Here you can get the best products, the lowest prices, and a large scale of production.

We follow the basic principle of seeking truth from facts, and you get what you pay for.

Do not falsely quote high prices, do not compromise quality. The material chosen is a solid titanium alloy. We have dozens of mid-to-high-end manufacturers and can take over orders for the manufacture and sale of intramedullary nail implants with high quality and low price in large quantities.

The market competition is fierce, but we are positioned to be the best orthopedic manufacturer in the world with the highest cost performance. We are committed to the global promotion of high-end orthopedic products! Let China Orthopaedic Manufacturing become the most colorful stroke of Orthopedic Manufacturing in the world.

We only focus on the manufacture of orthopedic device products, and we are the same for ten years. We have a special person to strictly control each production link, and advanced instruments to precisely analyze and test products. Our intramedullary nail implants are ten years in the making and crafted with ingenuity. Before the establishment of the company, we were already an important domestic orthopedic device factory, and we have rich production experience.

In Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd, you can get our best service. We will answer all your questions in detail and patiently explain the product data of our intramedullary nail implants to you. In terms of customer evaluation, we have received unanimous good and high praise from different customers all over the world.

We promise to deliver your shipments safely and trackable. And support after-sales service, if you are not satisfied, contact us immediately, we will give you the fastest answer and solution!

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GATHER is committed to making high-quality and low-cost intramedullary nails available to people around the world!

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